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School holidays

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School Holidays

Holidays are coming! Your kids are about to break up for the term, and you're looking for somewhere amazing to vacation together: fun, family-friendly and crammed with activities for kids and adults alike to enjoy. On our website, you'll find a whole range of inspiring options that will have your whole family giggling nostalgically over holiday snaps for years to come. How about spotting windmills together on a cycling tour round the flat flower fields of the Netherlands? Camping beside Lake Garda, deep in the Italian lake district? Dog-sledding through thick Finnish snow on the tail(s) of a beautiful husky pack? Learning to sail in a yacht flotilla off Kefalonia? And we need hardly mention the ever-present lure of Disneyland...Whatever you and your kids like (even if it's not the same thing!), look to us and our partners for the family holiday of a lifetime.